Incredibly Valuable Resource

Jessica O’Connor, COE, OCS

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I have found the ASOA Learning Center to be an INCREDIBLY valuable resource, both in preparation for my COE examination and as a reference resource now that I have obtained my COE. While I was preparing for the exam, accounting was the areas I was most nervous about as I have no experience in that area. The information I was able to study in the ASOA Learning Center was so helpful and provided such a strong knowledge base that accounting ended up being one of the areas I scored the highest in on the exam! I love that I’ve been able to look at the areas I didn’t perform as well on and go back to the ASOA Learning Center and spend more time reviewing and researching those subjects. I’ve encouraged all of my colleagues who are new to management or who have a goal of obtaining their COE to sign up for the ASOA Learning Center. I am extremely thankful for this valuable resource that ASOA has developed.